We are Social Media Design & Marketing Experts…

Social Media is changing the way we promote our businesses. Clients today want to know in real time what a particular restaurant has fresh on the menu, what new offers and treatments gyms and spas are offering, what new lines of clothing a particular fashion shop is selling.
This is what social media is all about, interacting with real people and real clients.

Get to know first hand what your client’s needs are and what they are looking for!

Designing for Facebook is a fast growing niche of an already huge industry, we know you probably get lots and lots of agencies coming to you with ridiculous monthly update fees, when really Facebook could change tomorrow and all these wonderful things they are offering may now become obsolete.

So what is our proposal?… is a complete ‘pay as you go’ service, where we will not charge any monthly fees, and after the initial fee for the Fan Page / Pages, you will be able to just pay one-off fees eg. if you have a new offer that you want to advertise, a new competition you want to run, a new product you want to promote, or any amendments you might need on the page / pages you pay only for that, no monthly fees its just ‘pay as you go’